Marantz MM 8003 Reviewed

Friday, 22 January 2010 |

Like the recently reviewed AV8003, the MM8003 provides great bang-for the-buck. Like the last Marantz amplifiers I had the pleasure of listening to, the MA500 mono-blocks (discontinued for several years), the MM8003 continues the tradition of musicality and value. This amplifier may not be the end all when if comes to microdynamics (although detail is extremely good) or iron fisted bass at full volume, within its limits it performs extremely well and its limits should be broad enough to encompass most systems.

What draws me most to this amplifier is its sense of involvement, it has a good sense of rhythm and pace while remaining neutral, reproducing vocals and instruments in an organic, non-mechanical way. I never confused it for a tubed amplifier but it didn’t exhibit any of the pitfalls of solid state amplifiers usually found at this price point. The Marantz performed well with stereo sources and was outstanding on multi-channel material. No matter how hectic the soundtrack got, each channel was reproduced without compromise in performance. I have no reservations recommending this amplifier for theater systems in small to moderately sized rooms (or larger rooms with 5.1 systems that have bi-ampable front speakers.

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