Classe SSP 800...Simply Superb

Monday, 15 February 2010 |

The Classe SSP 800 is an easy to use, intuitive, audiophile-grade AV preamp that, while not "cheap" by any standard, is a great value when considering the short list of audiophile-grade AV preamps on the market today. Sonics is where the SSP-800 shines the most. My system has never sounded better than with the Classe SSP-800 in the loop. The operation is now rock-solid after we upgraded firmware, changed out a few cables and dealt with a number of non-Classe issues during installation. The video pass-through is flawless, without any signs of coloration. The internal DACs are excellent, with an overall sonic performance that is worth every penny. You can get more features for less money in other AV preamps. What you can't get is this level of industrial design, system control and overall sound. The Classe SSP-800 is an audiophile winner, with home theater skills that can keep up with the most sophisticated AV systems anywhere in the world. Consider the Classe SSP-800 AV preamp a true breakthrough high-end AV product. I consider it a keeper, as I am going to write the check and make the Classe SSP-800 my new reference AV preamp.


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