Denon AVR 2310 Review

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 |

Power output from this seven-channel amp is 105W per channel, which may seem low compared to others, but bigger doesn’t automatically mean better.

The five HDMI inputs and one output are standard fare for this level of machine, as is the 1080p upscaling and built-in decoding of high-definition audio formats.

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Inside are two, 32-Bit, 3rd generation SHARC DSP’s (Digital Signal Processors) and picture processing technology provided by Anchor Bay.

The remote control looks a little strange with all the bumps and odd-shaped buttons, but they make it easier to operate, as you quickly remember which bump does which command.

The ‘Source Select’ button allows you to flick between inputs quickly and the amp remembers the most recent sources used.

Immense weight and power
Power up the Denon and you soon realise that this is a real gem. It sounds like a more mature, dynamic and powerful version of its smaller sibling, the £450 AVR-1910.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as Logan tries to evade the helicopter gunship on his motorbike, the chopper’s chain-gun mows through the forest with immense weight and power.

You get a real sense of each tree being torn to shreds. With Pure Direct engaged and all unnecessary processing turned off, the amp sounds rich and smooth without ever suffocating the high frequencies.

The Denon doesn’t provide you with quite the same level of bass weight as the likes of some of its peers, but it’s still ample and the quality is spot on.

But it’s in quieter scenes, where it has to work hard with subtle dynamic shifts, that the Denon earns its stripes.

Once you’ve started a film, the ’2310’s timing and insight make it difficult to stop. It pays as much attention to the emotion of a film’s soundtrack as it does to all the action scenes.


Yamaha RXV 765 Review

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 |

It's amazing to think that, over a year ago, a receiver packing as much performance as the RX-V765 would've cost you near two grand, if not more. Here we are approaching the fall of 2009, and that same receiver is now $650. That, my friends, is progress. Yamaha has delivered with the RX-V765, for it is a feature-laden receiver that takes full advantage of the latest audio and video trends, sounds amazing and is supremely affordable.


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Yamaha MCR 040

Monday, 1 March 2010 |

Great styling designed to seamlessly fit into any room, sound quality that will leave even the most demanding audiophile satisfied!