B&W 805D: Style and Power:

Thursday, 16 September 2010 |

Bowers and Wilkins are synonymous with elegance, class and sound precision. In January 2010 mention was made that the company had made a decision to extend their world class Diamond range, a few months later B&W released a black stallion, the 805D bookshelf speakers.
A true beauty - powerful, strong and awe-inspiring. The design stuck to the classic 800 series construction, with one addition... The Diamond Tweeter, the fundamental element that changes the whole listening experience completely. Hearing the sound is not, "something that sounds nice", on the contrary the tweeter makes the sounds part of the listener, as though it comes from within.

These remarkable speakers incorporate a Kevlar 6.5" mid/woofer, crossing over to the Diamond tweeter and at 4.000Hz, with a frequency response of 49-28.000Hz (+/- 3dB). What is particularly fantastic about the design of the speakers is the sensitivity, with a rating of 88dB, running in conjunction with a crossover that works with both valve amplification and solid-state amplification; it is hard not to integrate these beauties into your system.

The joy of the speaker design; is that it does not embellish or falsify sounds, it gives shear clarity and plays what it is meant to, how it is meant to, in true Bowers and Wilkins style.

Information sourced from:
- Tone Audio: No.31 August 2010; page 141-153; B&W’s Latest Jewel by Jeff Dorgay