Denon: AVR 1611: A good Choice

Monday, 17 January 2011 |

The Denon AVR 1611 boasts 3D compatibility through its four HDMI v.1.4 inputs, it also throws in a few other nifty bits, including: Dolby Pro-Logic IIz, which comfortably expands the soundstage to include the front height channels – of course you need an amp to run the signal to. The Denon AVR 1611 definitely does not compromise on its style with this unit, it is still as sharp, clean and uncluttered as we have all come to expect.

Although the back panel seems sparse upon first glance, it covers all the basics needed for a good home theatre system and fortunately, the speaker terminals are all binding posts. This unit has the ability, unlike some other systems, to decode Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS-HD MA soundtracks; moreover it offers seven DSP modes to bring even more depth to your music as well as movies it even includes a Virtual Surround Mode. Installation is aided by Audyssey’s auto setup mode, as well as a group of technologies, (Multi EQ, Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume). All of these are designed to monitor the sound as soon as it is optimised.

The overall operation is massively simplified by the use of onscreen menus’ – even though the graphics are a bit dated. The AVR-1611’s power rating is quoted as being: 5x110W which really makes it a monster for an entry level product.

(Information sourced from: Home Cinema Choice: March 2011)