Denon's AVR 4311... Carries on being awarded.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 |

Denon’s new flagship AVR may well have all the answers that you are looking for in a home theatre cinema. The 4311 is not merely a repackaged version of its predecessor. It is an all new amplifier totally redesigned internally.

A really impressive feature of this unit is the overall power hike – it gains a massive 455W over the AVR 4310. The AVR 4311 offers an 11.2 channel, completely configurable line-level outputs. The AVR 4311 also has a dedicated “pre-amp” mode which conveniently cuts the signal to all of the onboard power amps, which reduces the current draw and associated distortions – Denon’s AVR 4311 has the ability to act as a heavy-weight processor/ “pre-amp” if the need is there.

Fortunately this unit is more than just power and channels, the features department at Denon has been feverishly working toward implementing HDMi v1.4a – equipped with 3D switching and Audio return channel, Audyssey’s newest Multi EQ-XT 32 room EQ system, Dolby Volume and a huge amount of networking capabilities – both Ethernet and Airplay.

If you are curious about what is happening on the inside, well, the overall design and layout has changed as well, one of the best additions (in comparison to the 4310) is the inclusion of two temperature controlled fans at the bottom of the case. Although this unit has become a “bit of a fatty” – boasting a hefty 17.3kg weight, it still is a unit very much worth considering for a home cinema option.

-Information sourced from Home Cinema Choice, May 2011