Boston's A26's... Small but explosive

Monday, 18 April 2011 |

Many of us have heard the expression “dynamite comes in small packages”. Well Boston Acoustics are the creators behind that dynamite - The A26 bookshelf speakers. Although small, they pack power that is remarkable for their size.

The speakers are 13 inches by 8.25 inches by 10.5 inches, they are light-weight and are nothing like their predecessors from the early 80’s. The Boston boys have learnt a lot of the decades about sound, technology and design. The new remodelled A-series is proof of that. The bass on these little beauties is a good and healthy deep sound, the mid-range is far from tinny and the trebled high-end sounds “real”.

The cross over components – something which is fundamentally important in speaker design, incorporate low-loss film capacitors as well as low-distortion laminated silicon steel cores – for the inductors in all major areas of the speaker system. These cross-overs are a “standard” issue on all of the A-series models, the other standard, with all the A-series’ is the five-way gold plated binding posts.

The A-series, and specifically the A26 bookshelf speakers are definitely a good option for a two-channel system especially when space and money are tight.

(Information sourced from: Steve Guttenburg's review on the A-Series)