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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 |

The first thing I noticed when I plugged in the TVeeM25's was the “big” sound coming out of the soundbar. It’s hard to describe other than to say that the sound seems to emanate from the entire wall where the soundbar is located. I found it nearly unbelievable that this much sound could come out of something so small.

It’s also hard to believe that the soundbar has only 2 drivers in it. Normally when you have only a single left and right channel speaker vocals and other center channel audio are muffled. But the TVee Model 25 replicates the center channel perfectly while still rendering excellent left and right channel separation.

Also of note, the relatively small wireless subwoofer, which contains only a single 6" down-firing driver, puts out more than adequate bass response. In fact, when watching iRobot through the system I found the bass to be tight, crisp, and just plain loud! Boston Acoustics doesn’t list full specifications for the unit, but I’m guessing the subwoofer has 100 watts of the stated 150 watt system power, leaving 25 each for the left and right channel drivers in the soundbar.

If you want a soundbar that blends in seamlessly with its surrounding, the TVee 25 system will definitely oblige. The face of the unit is comprised of a single wide speaker grill with only a small BA logo at the bottom center and control buttons on the far right. It is designed to integrate nicely under TVs sized 32" or larger, and can sit right beneath on a counter, or be mounted to the wall.

...Volume control of the TVee 25 is simply awesome. The system will learn whatever remote control you want to point at it, and it’s an extremely easy thing to set up.

Unlike some competing units, the TVee 25 is perfect for bedrooms or other areas where you’d like to keep the room dark. The small operational LEDs near the control buttons only illuminate for a few seconds when buttons are pressed. The rest of the time they’re off, which saves the room from distracting light pollution when watching TV, or trying to sleep.

Installing the TVee 25 is quite simple. The soundbar requires a single power outlet, plus one cable to hook to the TV’s audio output jacks. You can use simple RCA cables for left and right channel connectivity, but for true surround sound you’ll need a digital optical output. Even if your TV doesn’t have one, your DVD or Blu-ray player will, and the unit will accept both connections. You can then plug the subwoofer into any power outlet anywhere in the room and the wireless transmitter will take care of the rest.

-Available Early July

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