Denon's Killer combo: AVR-A100 and DBP-100

Monday, 20 June 2011 |

In celebrating their 100th anniversary Denon has released two units to mark the occasion. The DBP-100 bluray player and the AVR-A100 9.2 channel surround sound receiver. The DBP-100 is a universal player, which means that you can comfortably play Bluray’s CD’s and DVD’s, not to mention audio CD’S, audio DVD’S and Bluray audio. This unit comes with Denon’s own vibration-resistant design, it comes equipped with an anniversary edition coupling condenser and cast iron footing for extra sound stabilization.

First up: The DBP-100

The exterior of the DBP-100 has a glossy-finger-print resistant black coating with the 100th anniversary emblem. The inner workings of this unit are just as impressive as Denon’s age, the advanced audio and visual circuit performance comes directly from the SVH (Surpress Vibration Hybrid) mechanism giving the unit more control and stability when discs are being read. Every one of the channels uses AL24 processors for improved sound quality, while the video circuitry uses a high bit-rate video processor for more life-like imagery. The DBP-100 also sports Denon’s Link 4th HDMI clock control - minimising jitter during HDMI transmission and is ideal for best possible audio performance when combined with the AVR-A100.

Second up: The AVR-100

Starting on the outside, the AVR-A100 is in the same black gloss finish and 100th anniversary badging as the DBP-100. The AVR-100 is a 9.2 channel surround sound receiver, which has a variety of features including: high bit ip conversion and upscaling, network radio, music and photo streaming, AM/FM tuner, HDMI 1.4, 3D and ARC support It also has an 11.2 channel pre-amp, as well as direct play for iPod/iPhone via USB and simultaneous playback on two HDMI channels. This unit is feature-full. As with the DBP-100, the in/out connections are on the back panel of the unit, adding to its’ keen design style; The Audyssey MultEQ-XT 32 Room EQ makes speaker setup as simple as making tea – the easy to use setup will guide you through the steps. In terms of power, the AVR-A100 is definitely not lacking, with 140 Watts on each channel, the only thing left wanting is more music!

Pairing up these two units, helps us realise why Denon has been around for 100 years. Thanks Denon, you rock!

-Information sourced from: AudioVideo SA - June 2011