Denon BDP-2012: Heimkino Reference Class

Friday, 15 July 2011 |

Denon’s DBP-2012UD player has made it into Heimkino's reference class, regardless of the price. What is it that makes this unit so special? Well, according to Heimkino, the visual quality that the DBP-2012 player produces is on par with some of the leading brands of Universal players on the market to date.

The audio and visual reproductions are well above the standard norm, in fact Heimkino went as far as to say: ...the high point of the test was the Denon's sound quality... is simply superb.

Some of the highlights of the unit include its versatility as a universal disc player, the fact that it is 3D; multimedia and network capable makes it a very competitive unit overall. Finally, Denon went all out in terms of the design aspect, the workmanship is impeccable.