Klipsch SW-450 Subwoofer

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 |


The Klipsch SW-450 may be a large unit, however there is definitely more than meets the eye. The cabinet is deep – 49.5cm but it is relatively narrow – 35.6cm. A different take on the finish breathes in a breath of fresh air, it is covered in a vinyl wrap rather than a glossy black finish, this blends the SW-450 subwoofer into its’ surrounding comfortably. The SW-450 subwoofers’ design means that it works well with many other speakers within the Klipsch range. Moreover, the sleek look of the SW-450 subwoofer llows for the unit to compliment many HD televisions found on the market today.

The Klipsch SW-450 subwoofer offers a downward-firing 10” driver with a fibre-composite cone. On the SW-450’s rear panel is a bass reflex port – as What-HiFi notes the port is “big enough to swallow-up your average rabbit…” Given the placement of the bass reflex port, it is advisable to keep the SW-450 subwoofer a far way away from a wall. The Klipsch SW-450 subwoofer received a four-star rating from What-HiFi.

The Sound Quality:

The SW-450 subwoofer has a notably more substantial sound, unlike some the SW-450 rivals. The bass notes are clearer, with more weight behind them. However with the more complex bass-lines the SW-450 has a tendency to “…lose its’ way…”; there also is a little bit of a rattle from the casing when the SW-450 subwoofer is pushed to its’ limits, but the unit is still a capable choice.

The Benefits of the SW-450:

People who advocate the SW-450 subwoofer feel that aside from the non-gloss look of the subwoofer, the sound quality is superior, especially in terms of the deep bass notes – as the sound weighter, tighter and more crisp.

The Downfalls:

As with many of Klipsch’s units, the SW-450 does not have a lot of downfalls, however the clarity lost on the more complex baselines does leave the SW-450 slightly wanting.

The Specs:

The SW-450 subwoofer has two line inputs, two speaker inputs and is relatively small in comparison to its’ rivals. The power wattage measures in at 200W. The powerful 10” driver means an increased bass response with low distortion and the SW-450 has a built-in Class D amplifier which delivers 450W of dynamic power.

-Information sourced from What-HiFi.com: http://www.whathifi.com/review/klipsch-sw-450

Yamaha Aventage Series

Thursday, 26 January 2012 |

What Yamaha says about the Evolutionary process of the new Aventage series:

“…When AVENTAGE was introduced in 2010, this new top rated AV Receiver series represented a dramatic, inspired leap forward with best in class audio/video component design. AVENTAGE brought studio grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and fabrication. Every electrical path, every part, every piece, was rethought and redesigned if necessary to achieve total performance excellence throughout the series. Materials were tested thoroughly, and the finest were selected to maximize performance. Details that at first glance would not seem to affect the quality of sight, sound and control, were brought together in AVENTAGE components, and in the end produced a work of visual and acoustic art...

The RX-A AV receivers:

“…The AVENTAGE line of high-performance AV receivers is based on the audio design concept of providing a massive, full-bodied sound for movie sound effects and the accurate reproduction of music sources. By expertly harmonizing traditional and advanced technologies, every factor that affects sound quality, from materials and parts to construction, layout, vibration damping (unique foot) and “fine-tuning” the sound, is handled with no other thought than to achieve the best possible audio quality. As a result, every AVENTAGE model has the ability to reproduce the most subtle details of high-definition sound, so that listeners can enjoy a truly high-class sound studio experience at home…”

How the Sound & Image guys feel about the range:

The new range of Yamaha AV receivers has definitely changed how AV should be.The Aventage series has many new features, from the building of the shell all the way through to the networking capabilities. The Aventage series allows for better connectivity and an easier to use GUI. The Aventage series can be added to most modern and traditional speaker systems, which means that if you are just starting out in the world of audio-visual, you do not need to spend and arm and a leg on top of the range speakers.

What are the benefits?:

Aside from the value for money – in terms of this entire range being affordable to the average audiophile, the AV receivers have a variety of features like, Pandora Internet Radio, DTS HD, Silent Cinema, Bluetooth and, among many other glorious additions, iPod and iPhone compatibility.

What are the disadvantages?:

Quite honestly, we don’t see many, this unit is compatible with many other units, amps, bluray players and universal disc players.


The receivers are sleek in design, allowing for you to place them in almost any home theatre environment. They are finished in a glossy and versatile black shade, (okay, so some of us would like to see maybe a purple or a pink), the back-lighting on the front display is not overly bright – no blinding with the display lights, so you will watch the television rather than trying to read what is on the receiver screen. The text on these units are big enough to read without squinting, a definite bonus if you ask me.


As with many of the units, most are given awards from What Hi-fi magazine, it is not too surprising then that the RA-X1010 AV receiver was given the Five-Star Award in November 2011.


In a nutshell? Yay for Yamaha!

Boston Acoustics: Soundware S5.1

Friday, 13 January 2012 |

Boston's all-new Soundware S5.1 system is the big brother to the well-received, award-winning Soundware XS 5.1 satellite system. There are several modifications of the design including: a larger 10" vented subwoofer, with a 200W amp - which peaks at 300W.

The satellite speakers are slightly larger, giving more room for greater acoustic performance, as they bear ¾" tweeters and 3½" mid-bass drivers.

Among other important features, this system is available in both Gloss Black and Gloss White, making the system that much more versatile in home designs.