Klipsch SW-450 Subwoofer

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 |


The Klipsch SW-450 may be a large unit, however there is definitely more than meets the eye. The cabinet is deep – 49.5cm but it is relatively narrow – 35.6cm. A different take on the finish breathes in a breath of fresh air, it is covered in a vinyl wrap rather than a glossy black finish, this blends the SW-450 subwoofer into its’ surrounding comfortably. The SW-450 subwoofers’ design means that it works well with many other speakers within the Klipsch range. Moreover, the sleek look of the SW-450 subwoofer llows for the unit to compliment many HD televisions found on the market today.

The Klipsch SW-450 subwoofer offers a downward-firing 10” driver with a fibre-composite cone. On the SW-450’s rear panel is a bass reflex port – as What-HiFi notes the port is “big enough to swallow-up your average rabbit…” Given the placement of the bass reflex port, it is advisable to keep the SW-450 subwoofer a far way away from a wall. The Klipsch SW-450 subwoofer received a four-star rating from What-HiFi.

The Sound Quality:

The SW-450 subwoofer has a notably more substantial sound, unlike some the SW-450 rivals. The bass notes are clearer, with more weight behind them. However with the more complex bass-lines the SW-450 has a tendency to “…lose its’ way…”; there also is a little bit of a rattle from the casing when the SW-450 subwoofer is pushed to its’ limits, but the unit is still a capable choice.

The Benefits of the SW-450:

People who advocate the SW-450 subwoofer feel that aside from the non-gloss look of the subwoofer, the sound quality is superior, especially in terms of the deep bass notes – as the sound weighter, tighter and more crisp.

The Downfalls:

As with many of Klipsch’s units, the SW-450 does not have a lot of downfalls, however the clarity lost on the more complex baselines does leave the SW-450 slightly wanting.

The Specs:

The SW-450 subwoofer has two line inputs, two speaker inputs and is relatively small in comparison to its’ rivals. The power wattage measures in at 200W. The powerful 10” driver means an increased bass response with low distortion and the SW-450 has a built-in Class D amplifier which delivers 450W of dynamic power.

-Information sourced from What-HiFi.com: http://www.whathifi.com/review/klipsch-sw-450