Marantz UD7006 Universal Disc Player

Monday, 6 February 2012 |

Marantz’ new Universal disc player fell into the hands of the guys at What-HiFi and as they say “…it could be another fruitful year for the Japanese company…”

The UD7006 Universal Disc Player is Marantz’ very first 3D-ready unit. Staying in line with the design of the older generations, the UD7006 is a fully universal deck this means that SACD’s as well as DVD-A discs can be played with no hassle.

The UD7006 universal player also has on-board decoding and a set of eight-channel analogue inputs, allowing those with older generation amplifiers, which do not have HDMI inputs, can also enjoy high-definition surround sound.

The UD7006 universal player is DLNA certified, alleviating possible issues if an amp is not 3D compatible, rather than requiring a second HDMI output, the HDMI picture can be fed straight into the display and use a multi-channel output for the sound. The UD7006’s DLNA certification means that the unit can be used as a “client streamer” for music, videos and photo files stored on a home network.

…The UD7006 is a fine opening gambit from Marantz – it’s going to take something pretty special to top it…”

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