Yamaha Aventage RX-A3010, be amazed

Tuesday, 8 May 2012 |

How many times do you love a speaker package, that certain speaker package on which you want to add just one receiver, not multiple power amps, just one receiver. Some speaker require just that much more power behind it like with brilliant speaker packages like the B&W CM9 package and the Monitor Audio RX8 Package. When ever a receiver was added to these packages the sound was held back, it lacked inspiration, it lacked power.

This is where the Yamaha engineers did more than enough. I added the Yamaha Aventage RX-A3010 to Monitor Audio RX8 package after having few successes with any receiver, receivers well above the R30 000 price bracket. Success was accomplished with this beautiful speaker package with additional power amplification. I hooked up the Yamaha RX-A3010 with ease. The design is clever, BI-AMP channels sits next to each other, making cabling easy, no need to make custom cable to stretch over the length of the output terminals. All input and output sockets are well spaced, easily enabling me to insert cables where my Plasma stand made it difficult.

High Resolution picture, click to enlarge.
All cabled and ready to go, I did the setup quickly, yet thoroughly. The user interface gives you the ability to make informed decisions, setup of network features and bi-amp option was a brief.

My first quest, see if this beautiful amp can entertain stereo wise, no subwoofer, no centre or surrounds, plain stereo in pure direct. I pressed play and Diana Krall started the complex music she is known for. WOW! This is 4ohm Monitor Audio RX8 speaker which some of the biggest and best receivers could not even make bearable to listen, now here flows an array of waves. I lower the volume to test whether the speaker keeps its sound still as pure, sure enough the bass is well heard and felt, the mid range is still impressive, the little finer sounds from the percussion instruments still making their presence known. On higher volume I felt like I am at an concert, the staging is precise, vocals in the middle with the piano, you can envision her sitting behind her piano.

Well impressed I added a David Foster and friend to the Blu Ray drive. The surrounds are perfect, applause behind, the stage with the singing and instruments in front. The experience you get is what the recording intended, you being at the life event, and it sure made me feel that I was right there.

Same could be said when I attached the CM9 Package to the RX-A3010 (which is currently setup at the Menlyn Sound and Image Branch). Normally on the CM9 Package we would add proper high current power, like the Harman Kardon AVR 660/760, or add power amps, which is ideal. I never formed an image in my mind that a Yamaha receiver will drive this absolute stunning speaker this well. The sound was rich, full and musical as a B&W should sound, nothing was held back. Movies was full of atmosphere evident when watching Avatar, Iron Man 2 and the refreshed Jurassic Park remake.

Overall, sited by many magazines, the Yamaha RX-A3010 is impressive, very very impressive...

What Hi-Fi Said:

Impressive scale; fluid, unaggressive delivery; immersive soundfield; fine spec; flexible with partnering equipment. 

Audioholic Said:
This is the sort of receiver that you can grow old with. Just like the RX-Z11, when you buy this, you may be tempted to upgrade in a few years, but you certainly won'tneed to. GOTTA HAVE IT!

One word, BRILLIANT!!!