Marantz UD7006, brilliant all rounder!

Friday, 20 July 2012 |

Marantz as a brand has always been at the top of the Hi-Fi game, and it always reflects when they release a product into the market. Such a product is the Marantz UD7006, a universal player which is a universal player in the purest sense. If you ever wondered if you could use a Blu Ray Player for your CD playback, this is the unit to consider, this is the unit that truly lives up to the term Universal Player. As you will see, by the many respected reviewers in the Home Theater field, that the Marantz UD7006 is a brilliant all rounder.

At the end of 2010 Marantz released the SR7005, which at the time was legendary. It would be the first Airplay enabled receiver on the market and the leader of the pack from D&M Holdings. This release secured Marantz’s name not only as a leader in Hi-Fi, but they got respect as a Home Theatre company and a pioneer at it. From that point onwards Marantz released an army of award winning home theatre equipment, such as the SR6006, NR7004, NR1601 to name a few.

So what do you get when you take Marantz’s more than 70 years of Hi-Fi experience and develop excellent home theater products?

Yes, you get the Marantz UD7006 Universal disc player. It is a user friendly, no nonsense player which can be integrated even in older home theatre systems. It is easy to setup, the user interface is easy to understand. The remote control is well laid out, getting familiar with the setup will take no time at all.

Movie playback is impressive, Home Theatre Choice Magazine noted:

…we’ve few reservations about the Marantz. It’s predictably excellent with Blu-ray, most especially with a good 2D transfer such as True Grit.
The epic vistas are wonderfully vivid, with consistent, noise-free backgrounds and beautifully crisp details. The film’s stately camera pans are handled in an assured fashion, too.
3D Playback is also not to be thrown away, when had it one their work bench they noted:

The sense of wonder continues with 3D material like Thor. As the camera glides through Asgard in the overblown but dazzling establishing shots, you really do get the feeling of immersion and depth that the technology promises – thanks in no small part to the UD7006’s ability to pass on the left and right 1080p images without any glitches or artefacts.

It all is good and well with Home Theatre performance, but what is really impressive by the Marantz UD7006, one which sets the standard for a true universal disc player, is its ability to play back CD with passion, detail and accuracy, the traditional Marantz way.

Being fitted with a 32-bit DAC chip, it gives brilliant CD playback capabilities. Just a few quoted words from reviewers:

...but anyone who knows the value of heavyweight build quality, high-quality components and the impact they can have on AV performance will appreciate what the UD7006 has to offer – its 2D and 3D picture quality is sublime, while music playback is streets ahead of the budget competition. TRUSTEDREVIEWS.COM
The UD7006 also does an astonishingly good job with standard CDs. Heard at their best via the player’s analogue output (which measured well for jitter in our Tech Labs) and routed through a 32-bit PCM1795 DAC from Texas Instruments, the UD7006 paints a beautiful soundscape. HOMETHEATRECHOICE.COM

…files from USB or disc sound about as good as they ever do, and in fact we admit that some AAC-encoded files at higher data rates had us fooled that we were listening to perfectly respectable CD sound. TECHRADAR.COM
Superb picture; great sound, particularly with music; luxurious build and appearance. WHAT HIFI

On the downside the Marantz UD7006 does have a few limitations which is found on more budget players, it falls short as a media player, having limited abilities to play back certain file formats from a hard drive or USB. Many reviewers felt it needed one more HDMI port (which is really not so bad if you have one of their superb Receivers). Other than that there is nothing bad to say.


Being bombarded with the term “universal player”, few can stand up to the Marantz UD7006. The only one the market have produced that is equally excellent was the Marantz UD7006’s brother, the Denon 2012UD, also from the D&M Holding stable. Yes, you can have an excellent time watching a movie. Yes, you will have a wonderful time being emerged in a 3D film. And importantly, YES, you will be able to enjoy your CD with top quality playback. For the few short comings it might have, the Marantz UD7006 is really in the purest sense a universal player.