New Boston M340 Review

Saturday, 24 November 2012 |

The new Boston Acoustic M340 is nothing less than astonishing. It is easy to underestimate this speaker at first glance. It is barely the width of two tins of soda which makes it very attractive and easy to fit into a modern uncluttered d├ęcor. What is not visible is the quality of the sound which is unexpectedly good, if judging by the size. This is speaker art and design at the highest levels.

The legendary designer Ken Ishiwata has been working on Boston since 2005 when D&M Holdings took the American brand over to their European stable. 2011 saw the overhauled A-Series in stores and 2012 brings us the M range. Mr. Ishiwata has a passion for music and re-creating an accurate sound stage so that any recorded information can be enjoyed and the senses stimulated to imagine it as a live event. The Boston Acoustic M340 is a wonderful example of his success. It creates a sound stage unexpected in speakers so slimline.  It has amazingly quick and accurate bass, crystal clear highs, and great midrange, which means that it is now possible to enjoy good quality sound in your lounge or theatre room with speakers that are easy to fit in with the decor.

Early in 2012 I had the opportunity to view the M-series in development stage in a visit to Eindhoven where D&M Holdings have their head office. It is a pleasure to peel the soft cloth off the final product after seeing the cabinet design prototypes. The amount of research and development that went into achieving a slimline cabinet is astonishing. Every aspect was considered in the quest for delivering quality sound from a thinner speaker.  The type of material used for the cabinet, down to the glue used to keep everything together, was dissected, tested and specified to ensure a product that will become a household friend.

Side by side with the KEF Q300 (which is similar in width as the B&W 600 Range and KEF Q Range), the Boston M340 is almost a third of the width

The speakers are available in classic black piano lacquer or walnut side panels and a leather-feel finish in the middle and have an organic, cultured flavour that will fit in well in the best estate living in SA.

In an interesting technical twist, the speakers have no Bi-Wire option. It does have  a sophisticated crossover module . It makes the connextions easy and efficient and produces the sound quickly. These speakers need an amplifier that can deliver power to the speakers. Recommended power amplification is stated at 50 – 350 Watts.

Connected to a  Rotel RB1582 (a brilliant 200watts power, Class AB, amp)  the speakers deliver amazing sound. The bass are tight and can be felt throughout a 20m2 room. It is one of the few speaker sets in this price category, that deliver a natural resonance of bass guitar sounds, in my opinion. It also handles vocals well. Voices are centered and clear as well as natural.

It is quite clear where the instruments are placed and experiencing this sound stage adds to the overall positive experience and creates a mood that draws you in.

Fimiliar tweeter from Boston Acoustics, was previously used on the Boston VS Range
The Boston Acoustic Engineers did a brilliant job and may be the first to come close at perfecting a true slim- line lifestyle speaker. It takes up virtually no space, it is pleasing to the eye, and it impresses with anything you play through them.

This is one of the picks for 2012, go audition it for yourself, you will then know why I have such respect for this speaker.