Marantz CD6005 and PM6005

Monday, 20 January 2014 |

David Price of H-Fi Choice Magazine did a 4-page in-depth review of the Marantz CD6005 and PM6005 as featured on the front cover of the latest issue of the magazine. Both units are awarded with 5 STARS and the Hi-Fi Choice RECOMMENDED logo.

"They simply don't sound like your average, cheap, screechy budget hi-fi separates. Indeed, they're so good that you can put them through some pretty accomplished high-end speakers and they still won't give the game away."

"…the new Marantz CD6005 sounds very nice indeed. Treble is crisp and spacious….while the midband is smooth and open with a good sense of image placement. Bass does its own thing happily, sounding surprisingly strong and tuneful…and the overall result is a very enjoyable rendition of REM's 'Maps and Legends'." 
"…you'll not fail to like the big-hearted nature of this integrated. It seems to bounce along with a smile, determined to enjoy whatever you play through it, without a care in the world."

…I'll be surprised if you aren't beguiled by the sound that this recently tweaked dynamic duo can make."

"Excellent budget CD player, you can't ask for more" 

"Strong budget amplifier with surprisingly fine sound"
The full Review can be read in the February Edition of Hi-Fi Choice (available at your favorite news agent) Or contact your nearest  Sound & Image branch to audition them.