Monitor Audio - New Silver Series

Sunday, 24 August 2014 |

Monitor Audio released their latest Silver Series in South Africa earlier this year and now that we’ve had a few months to evaluate them, we can give you some feedback.
The line-up is comprehensive with three floorstanding options (Silver 6, 8 and 10) , two bookshelves (Silver 1 and 2), a centre channel, dedicated surrounds (FX) and a subwoofer. Colour options include real black oak, walnut, natural oak, and rosewood veneers, and for a slight premium a high gloss black or white finish is available. The model and colour variety enable us to configure a system to suit most room shapes, sizes and d├ęcor.
The latest version of C-CAM gold dome tweeters and C-CAM dimpled, ultra-rigid cone drivers have been used throughout the range. The result is that the range offers a higher sensitivity, lower distortion and increased impedance than their predecessors, allowing them to be paired with a wider choice of amplifiers. The overall look is also enhanced by the use of magnetic grilles so the speaker has a cleaner look when the grilles are removed (which we prefer).
Silver 1 – a two-way bookshelf featuring a 6” mid/bass driver with C-CAM gold tweeter. They’re small and thus perfectly able as a surround speaker. Because of their small size and 45Hz bass extension, the sensitivity rating is 87dB.
Silver 2 – the larger of the two bookshelf models, also in a two-way configuration but using an 8” mid/bass driver and C-CAM gold tweeter. The bigger bass driver allows the Silver 2’s to get down to a highly respectable 40Hz.
Silver 6 – the smallest floorstander is a 2½ way design featuring dual 6” drivers and a C-CAM gold tweeter. We’ve found the Silver 6’s combine really well with the Silver Centre channel and Silver 1’s and subwoofer as a package.
Silver 8 – a smaller version of the Silver 10 uses two 6½” bass drivers and C-CAM tweeter. Frequency response is a noteworthy 32Hz.
Silver 10 – the Flagship model in the range is a towering three-way system featuring dual 8” bass drivers, a 4” midrange driver and a C-CAM gold tweeter. This combination results in a full-range model that plays all the way down to 30Hz, and with a 90dB sensitivity means it doesn’t need a hefty amplifier to get it singing.
Silver Centre – a dedicated two-way design with dual 6” drivers that matches up to any of the above models for surround sound applications.
Silver FX – switchable dipole/bipole surround speakers using a 6” bass driver and a pair of tweeters. Optimally mounted for surround duties, the FX’s are excellent at diffusing the surround channel information and making it difficult to pick out where the sound is coming from.
Silver W12 subwoofer - a compact sealed subwoofer featuring a 12” C-CAM bass driver coupled with a 500W digital amplifier. It features advanced DSP processing to optimize its response to your room, and a room correction system called APC (Automatic Position Correction). With a bass response rated from 20Hz, the W12 combines perfectly in surround sound applications with the rest of the Silver range.

Our thoughts
The Silver range aims to offer “an exceptional balance of performance, versatility, lifestyle appeal and value” and we think they’ve achieved this. They are undoubtedly attractive, well–built speakers that can be mixed and matched to fit into almost any living room and they also tick the audio performance box where they seem to get things right. A highly recommended audition.

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