Marantz NR1605 Reviewed

Monday, 29 September 2014 |

Marantz have recently announced the launch of their revised slimline AV receiver, the NR1605.

So for those of you looking for a feature rich slimline AV receiver, this might be the unit you’ve been waiting for. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of connectivity options with WiFi and Bluetooth now as standard, as well as delivering on the promise of excellent sound delivery.

Admittedly, it’s not the most powerful AV receiver available, but it is by far the slimmest, so there has to be some compromise somewhere. If you want power, you can’t have slim, and if you want slim, you can’t have power. And that is true here, although it does a more than a decent job of driving bookshelf speaker based systems and HTIB packages.

Home Cinema Choice ( recently reviewed the unit and they say:

"The system’s user interface is slicker than an otter’s pocket. From the outset, the NR1605 guides you through configuration, gently prompting speaker set up and sources, as well as Audyssey calibration…"

"The AVR’s powerplant, still rated at 50W into 8ohms, is deceptively agile. As Vin Diesel races through the gears at the start of Fast & Furious 6 (Blu-ray), the NR1605 has no problem keeping pace and accelerating hard."

"Wi-Fi functionality works well. The receiver didn’t drop a connection during our audition…"

"This Marantz proves to be an enjoyable high-res listen…"

"This update to Marantz’s NR line is entirely successful. There’s seemingly no overt sonic penalty incurred by building in the wireless radio, and the enhanced feature spread and connectivity options make this an easy receiver to live with. Capable of an energetic multichannel performance, dynamic stereo and decent streaming functionality, this AV receiver is a real-world star. I rate it the best Marantz slim model yet."

We say:

“We’ve always rated Marantz for their great sounding equipment and although this NR is one of their entry-level models, it certainly isn’t entry-level in sonic performance. Connectivity is the latest buzz-word with more and more of our customers wanting WiFi/Bluetooth and this unit makes the integration process simple. It’s a pleasure to setup. And in terms of sonic ability and performance, you won’t be dissappointed.”

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