Classé Audio's CP-800 reviewed

Thursday, 16 October 2014 |

When Classé Audio launched their CP-800 stereo preamplifier a few years ago, it was revered for its vast array of connectivity options and a number of features other stereo preamplifier manufacturers at the time hadn’t even thought of.

Classé introduced parametric EQ, innovative bass management, tone control and cutting-edge audio processing all done in the digital domain, surpassing the typical analog processing of their rivals.

Last year, Classé activated the Ethernet port on the back of the unit, and unlocked even more features including IP control and the ability to stream DLNA sources from a network. 192 kHz sources are supported via the network and the USB port. The CP-800 also supports Apple’s Airplay technology to allow control via iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

There have been a number of reviews published on the CP-800 over the last few years, so we’ve taken some excerpts from a few of them to highlight how impressive this unit actually is.

Stereophile – John Atkinson, Sept 2012

“Classé Audio’s CP-800 is that rare component: a multi- function device that, despite its versatility and extensive use of new technologies, doesn’t appear to compromise the quality of the sound.”

“I highly recommend the CP-800 as a straight, future-proof, two-channel D/A preamplifier. It offers more than its purchaser expects, at a price lower than any would expect to pay.” - John E Johnson, Jr – April 2012

“This is one hell of a preamplifier. You get world class performance when used strictly in analog mode, and still quite excellent performance if you want to use subwoofers and some room EQ. In my opinion, this is a benchmark product.”

The Absolute Sound – Jacob Heilbrunn/Robert Harley – 2013

“Classé is justly proud of its preamp, which Classé’s president Dave Nauber told me is the most sophisticated piece of equipment it has ever produced. He won’t get an argument from me.”

“In my view, anyone searching for knockout performance at a reasonable price need look no further”

“The CP-800 offers and astounding array of features and capabilities not usually found in a preamplifier – and at an eminently reasonable price, particularly wen you consider Jacob’s enthusiastic reaction to its sound quality.”

We say:

“We’re great fans of Classé Audio and their products – we choose to use them as one of our preferred high-end brands for their forward thinking products that offer great performance and connectivity options. It’s important to have products that are as ‘future-proof’ as possible, and here’s a great example. Nearly five years after it was launched, it’s still as popular as ever and as current as anything else on the market”

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