Both the AVR-X3100W & AVR-X7200W were awarded an AVForums Highly Recommended badge in these recently published reviews

Thursday, 14 May 2015 |



"The AVR-X3100 is a musical AV receiver and lives up to the type of performance expected from its bigger brothers."

"…It was dynamic and full, never getting brittle even when the scene breaks into a chase and the human choir voices get louder and mixed with action cues."

"Bass handling was tight and assured with excellent cohesion between the LCR and surround speakers in all three systems we tested it with…"

"We were never disappointed with the dynamic performance on offer, bearing in mind the price point the X3100 is positioned at…"

"…the X3100 is a seriously impressive mid-range performer that has all the Denon hallmarks for sound quality in stereo and multi-channel use. You then have all the features available on-board such as WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA, Airplay, Internet Radio and networking. Add in the ease of use approach that Denon have introduced and you really do have a very appealing package indeed. Highly recommended."

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Sound & Image saysEasy to use, excellent range of features, superb onscreen menu and a top-drawer performer, Denon’s mid-range receiver is deeply impressive.



"When listening to 5.1-channel soundtracks the Denon did a great job of delivering a lively and dynamic sound field. The surrounds were well integrated and had presence, without drawing too much attention to themselves; whilst sounds and effects were seamlessly panned around the room. The front soundstage was open and detailed and dialogue remained clear and focused on the centre channel. The bass was well integrated, supporting the entire mix and providing impact where necessary. As a result the entire sound field remained tonally balanced, helping to envelope the listener with greater precision. When we moved to 7.1-channel soundtracks the rear opened up a bit more, whilst retaining all the strengths we found with 5.1-channel mixes."

 "When it came to Dolby Atmos soundtracks the results were as impressive as we expected, with the additional overhead speakers really opening up the immersive nature of the audio."

"Finally we moved onto our Auro-3D 9.1 setup and whilst the approach may differ from Dolby's Atmos, the results were just as impressive."

Should I buy one?
"…The X7200 also managed to deliver a highly impressive performance with music and the mono-block design certainly paid dividends. So overall the AVR-X7200 is an excellent AV receiver and more than deserving of a Highly Recommended award."

"…In terms of its price tag, the X7200 is one of the more expensive 9-channel AV receivers but there is nothing we have reviewed to date that out-performs the Denon…"

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Sound & Image says – Superb sound quality, easy to set-up, impressive surround performance, excellent features. In our opinion, in terms of features and performance the Denon AVR-X7200W does more than enough to justify its price tag.

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