Marantz M-CR611 - Hi-Fi Choice GROUP TEST WINNER

Sunday, 22 May 2016 |

Marantz has taken things to another level with their network receiver, the M-CR611. The M-CR611 is so packed with features, you will need to hold onto your hats. The M-CR611 connectivity checklist includes Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Analog In, USB, Headphone, and coaxial FM. 

The moment you see the M-CR611 you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. With a high-gloss jet-black finish and organically curved side panels, the immediate impression is style and elegance.

The feature set includes two sets of speaker binding posts, with 60 wpc of power on tap, a remote control, access to Pandora, Sirius XM satellite radio, Internet radio, Spotify, DLNA support and, amazingly, a CD transport (with DSD file support)! A Marantz mobile app is available to control all functions, including volume, but you can use other control apps as well.

Marantz CR-611 Network Receiver:
  • 60W x 2ch (6 ohms THD10%)
  • Air Play on board. 
  • Online Music Service Spotify Connect, Pandora(NA), Sirius XM Internet(NA), QQ music (CN), Internet Radio
  • Computer/NAS music file streaming (DLNA1.5)
  • Plays CD, WMA/MP3(CD-R/RW)
  • Built in Wi-Fi network module and built in diversity antenna. 
  • Bluetooth with NFC.
The Marantz M-CR611 was reviewed by Ed Selley in the new June issue of HI-FI CHOICE magazine. The M-CR611 is the winner of a Mini System Group Test comprising of six systems and is awarded with a 5 STAR rating.

“More impressive still is that the specification is in many respects, superior to anything else in the group…”
“There is plenty of power on tap and it never sounds like it is straining to hit respectable levels. More than this, it manages a very effective balance between sounding exciting without tipping over into being forward.’
“…manages to extract the best bass performance in the test from the partnering speakers.”
“Simply put, there is a greater sense of this being a group of performers rather than a lead vocal and supporting instruments…”
“…the Marantz does a fine job of balancing realism and fun across a variety of musical styles.”

“A very well equipped unit with a sparkling performance at a bargain price”

Group Test Verdict
“The Marantz M-CR611 takes the top spot for its consistently enjoyable performance combined with the best overall specification while offering the lowest price in the test – even with speakers added. Control app flaws aside, this is the best all-round combination here."

S&I verdict -
For those seeking a plug and play audio entertainment solution, the Marantz M-CR611 is highly recommended.