Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 Reviewed!

Friday, 24 August 2018 |

The Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 stereo loudspeakers are one of the most prized speaker in our showroom. Enjoy your music with these Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 685 S2 2-way loudspeakers. The 685 S2 incorporates decoupled double dome tweeters, as found in the award-winning CM10 speaker. The dual-layer design combines a thin aluminium dome for lightness and a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity, for greater clarity. The tweeter is also kept physically separate from the main cabinet in its own cavity with a ring of gel cushioning it from vibrations. This improves imaging and dispersion for a more natural, spacious treble.

As well as a decoupled, double dome aluminium tweeter, the two-way 685 S2 features a full-range 6.5-inch driver constructed from woven Kevlar and using Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps, as seen in high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers. The result is stunning audio quality from a highly versatile smaller speaker.

What the expert have to say -

SoundStage - February 2017
"Anyone looking for an easy entry into the audiophile world would be well served by the Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2. For a $699/pair speaker, it hits most of the high-end high points: precise imaging, refined detail, ample dynamics. And for the speaker’s modest size, its bass extension is impressive."

Cnet – October 2014
"Whether you listen to death metal or nature documentaries, the Bowers and Wilkins B&W 685 S2s are an astoundingly good set of speakers and an excellent deal at this price level."

What H-iFi - May 2014
"A superb pair of speakers that are hugely thrilling, these 685s are an update worth waiting for."

What Hifi Awards 2015
"The 685 S2s have fended off competition for a second year. These are hugely talented and enjoyable speakers, and a definite step up from their predecessors."
"Stereo speakers - Product of the year" "Best standmounter £400 - £800"

What HiFi Group Test Winner - April 2015
"The B&Ws remain unmatched when it comes to dynamics, bass depth and punch, and they have the subtlety and control to support that immensely captivating sound. They're just so much fun to listen to, and that's what makes us keep coming back to them. The 685 S2s are the undeniable champions."

S&I Verdict –
You simply cannot go wrong when choosing this bookshelf speaker. Punchy, refined and entertaining sound, deep rich bass, the 685 S2 will help make your home stereo system or cinema system sound incredible. A leader in it’s class.